Check for FIRE

Before hushing alarms, check every room
to ensure there is no fire.
CALL 000.

Hush alarms

HUSH any alarm by pressing the button
ONCE on the alarm or remote.
DE-ACTIVATE any alarm by following
the instructions for specific brand.

Causes of "False" Alarms

99.9% of “false” alarms are due to environmental factors.
It is your responsibility to attend to this maintenance.

Vacuum monthly (use brush head) around the alarm itself, ceiling fans, air con vents etc.

Ensure good ventilation during extended rain periods. Avoid dead air, and steam from shower & laundry.

May enter the alarm. Wipe over outside of alarm with soft cloth sprayed with surface spray (6 monthly). DO NOT SPRAY ALARM.

If problem persists

Get instruction to temporarily de-activate smoke alarms by entering your contact details in the below form.

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